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Welcome to Milwaukee Public School’s Procurement Division Vendor Home Page.  The Procurement Division’s mission is to leverage information, technology and strategic sourcing principles to acquire the goods and services needed to provide the highest quality education possible to the children of the City of Milwaukee. This mission is aligned to Working Together, Achieving More strategic plan goal #6: The district is accountable for measureable results.

The information assembled here has been designed to provide you with tools to make it easier for you to do business with Milwaukee Public Schools.  We invite you to visit our page often for updates on business opportunities and look forward to working with you.

MPS will not sign vendor's contracts or forms. All bids and proposals submitted must be signed by the vendor on the appropriate MPS form provided.

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Electronic Bid Submission

MPS is now accepting bids electronically at mpsbids@milwaukee.k12.wi.us. The subject line of the bidder's submission must contain the bid number, date due and the buyers name. MPS will not accept responsibility for any network or power outages that may occur during the transmission of bids.
If an addemdum is issued, bidder must submit their addendum in the same manner as their bid. That is, if the bid is submitted electronically, the addendum must be submitted electronically. If the bid is submitted "hard copy" or by any other means, the addendum must be submitted in the same manner.
Submitting of electronic bids is optional.

Vendor Footer The information on this page has been supplied by the Purchasing and Procurement Division of the Milwaukee Public Schools.