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 Excess Equipment & Furniture For Public Sale

Items on this site are for sale to the highest bidder. Successful bidders will be notified at the end of the bid closure date listed in the Item Announcement. All items must be picked up within the time period listed on the Item Announcement, usually 10 business days. The receiving party is responsible for pickup and delivery costs. Minimum bids will be enforced when listed.  All items are being offered "AS IS" and MPS assumes no responsibility for the condition, repair, or delivery of the items.

Bids are submitted by sending an e-mail to mpsbids@milwaukee.k12.wi.us. The subject heading must contain the words "Excess Equipment Bid". See the Item Announcement for other instructions.

MPS makes no guarentees as to how often the current bid levels will be updated. The attempt will be made as often as possible.

If items are purchased, you need to sign the Waiver of Liability Form for Excess Equipment & Furniture.

PDF Documents Waiver of Liability