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Your Choices within Milwaukee Public Schools

Types of Schools within MPS —
MPS has different types of schools. When selecting a school, you need to know how the schools are different. You also have the option of selecting schools outside of the district. If you have questions about any school, please contact the Parent and Student Services office at (414) 475-8448.

  • Neighborhood Schools:
    Accept children from the neighborhood before enrolling children from other areas but will take students from its region, if seats are available. Also called Attendance Area schools. We recommend your neighborhood school as your first choice.

  • Neighborhood Specialty Schools:
    Enroll students first from the neighborhood, then from the entire city, if seats are available. Offer special programs or areas of study, such as the arts.

  • Charter Schools:
    Charter schools do not have to follow many of the regulations set for regular schools and, therefore, can be more flexible. Some charter schools use the enrollment procedures explained in this catalog; others set their own. The school description will let you know when not to use the district’s enrollment procedures. For charter schools that follow their own enrollment procedures, you must enroll at the school. Charter schools set their own transportation limits. Contact the school for information about transportation, random selection, wait lists, and enrollment procedures. Charter schools that are not part of MPS are not listed here.

  • Citywide Specialty Schools:
    Accept children from all over the city and offer special programs or areas of study, such as the arts. In most Citywide Specialty Schools, 55 percent of the students in entry-level grades come from the school’s walk zone. A walk zone is a one-mile radius for elementary, and a two-mile radius for middle and high schools. Exceptions to this appear in the individual school’s listings.

  • Contracted Agency Schools:
    MPS has contracts with community agencies to provide Head Start, kindergarten, and limited elementary education services. Contracted schools set their own enrollment procedures. Visit the schools for more information. The schools and contracted sites are listed on page 11.

  • Partnership Schools:
    MPS offers a wide array of partnership schools for students who are identified as being at risk of dropping out or who are experiencing difficulty in the traditional school setting. The schools are included in the listings and are identified as “partnership” schools. For more information, contact the MPS Division of Diversified Community Schools, (414) 475-8140.

  • Small High Schools:
    Small high schools focus on quality relationships, rigorous academics, and relevant learning experiences for students. Each small high school has a unique educational mission and serves up to 400 students. Our small high schools are part of a communitywide effort to improve graduation rates and the success our students have after high school. See page 24 for more information.

  • MPS Head Start Program:
    MPS offers Head Start services in various MPS schools and other sites. The program provides free, quality preschool experiences for income eligible three- and four-year-olds. Children must be three or four on or before September 1. Families must meet income eligible criteria. For more information contact MPS Head Start at (414) 777-7850.

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