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Bus Behavior  pdf Download the complete Parent Guide for Transportation Services "Your Child and the School Bus"

Bus Behavior

Because the time before and after school is as crucial to your child’s health and safety as the time during school, a safe bus ride is a key element of your child’s education. MPS is committed to ensuring safety and professional reliable transportation to and from school.

Keep in mind that as a parent your responsibilities include:

  • Making sure your child gets to the bus stop on time.
  • Reviewing school bus rules with your children.
  • Having a responsible person assist K3, K4 and K5 children at the bus stop.

School Bus Rules

  • Please review with your child.
  • Remain in your seat while bus is moving.
  • Obey the driver.
  • Respect your neighbor (no fighting, pushing, shoving).
  • Never throw objects out of bus windows.
  • Keep head, hands and arms inside windows at all times.
  • No profanity or bad language.
  • No yelling or shouting.
  • After leaving the bus, stay out of Danger Zone, the area in front, in back and around the side of the bus.
What should I do if I suspect…

Inappropriate Driver Behavior

If you suspect your child’s bus driver is engaging in inappropriate behavior, you should first contact your child’s bus company. If the problem continues, you should then ask for assistance from your child’s school.

Behavior Problem

If you feel your child’s safety is being jeopardized by the behavior of other riders, you should contact the bus company’s safety supervisor. If the problem persists, contact your child’s school.

Late Bus or No-Show

If your child’s bus is habitually late or fails to show, contact the bus company supervisor. If the problem continues, notify your child’s school.

School Bus Companies:

Alliance Transportation - (414) 747-0101
Atlas - (414) 672-3777
Bee Bus Line - (414) 447-5220
Dairyland Bus Co. - (414) 963-8770
Johnson School Bus - (262) 251-4291
Joy Farm - (414) 353-9200
First Student (West) - (414) 649-2620
First Student (55th) - (414) 353-1027
Lakeside - (414) 536-2040
Lamers (South) - (414) 282-3566
Lamers (North) - (262) 790-0551
MCTS - (414) 344-6711
Riteway - (414) 438-5400
Specialized Care Transport - (414) 383-7333

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