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Academic Programs Academic Programs
Some schools offer more than one program. A program is like a school within a school. Bilingual Education is an example of a program offered by many schools. The students in this program are taught in English and in their first language. High schools have programs that train students for particular jobs. Specialty schools have programs that include all students.

When you select a school for your child, you are asked to list a program. Most often parents choose regular programs. Information about programs offered at the elementary, middle, and high school levels is listed below

Programs in Elementary Schools

Gifted & Talented and Program for Academically Talented (PAT) — Academically advanced children may be referred into a Gifted & Talented school or PAT by their classroom teachers. Most often children enter the program between grades three and four. Gifted & Talented involves the entire school, while PAT is a program within a regular school. PAT varies from school to school. Parents should call and visit the school for information.
Gifted & Talented Schools:
Allen Field (Bilingual Spanish/English only)

Bilingual Education — Pupils are taught subjects in both English and their first language. This helps the child maintain the first language while learning English. Two-way bilingual offers the English speaker an opportunity to learn Spanish. Both languages are used in the classroom. Check the individual school listings for the grade level of each program. Call the school about eligibility requirements. See the Bilingual Education page for more information on multicultural education.
Bilingual Education – Spanish/English
Forest Home
Lincoln Avenue
Rogers Street
Two-way Bilingual
Acad. of Accelerated Learning

English as a Second Language (ESL) —Pupils are given special help in learning English, but the help may not be given in their first language. The ESL class may be made up of pupils speaking several different languages, all learning English.
Stand-alone ESL Programs
Acad. of Accelerated Learning
Bethune Academy
Dover (Int. Newcomer Ctr)
Humboldt Park

Montessori — Montessori is a teaching method that uses special classroom materials. Children are in classrooms of mixed ages and encouraged to work independently. There are no textbooks or grades. Because children must be taught the Montessori method, they are not accepted in the program beyond K4 unless they have had previous Montessori experience. Montessori schools have their own transportation regions.
Craig Regions: North & Central
Fernwood Regions: South, Central & East
Highland Comm. School Region: Citywide – no transportation
Kosciuszko (K3 to 3 only) Region: South
Maryland Ave. Regions: East & Central only for grades K3–Gr. 4. Grades 5–8 follow Riverside Region transportation guidelines.
MacDowell Regions: North, South, Central & East

Elementary Schools “Feed” into Middle Schools
Some special elementary programs “feed” into middle school programs. If your child attends a feeder school, he/she is more likely to have a seat in the corresponding middle school if it is your first choice. This chart shows the feeder pattern.
MS programs

High School Programs
It is best to visit the schools to learn about career training and other programs offered. In addition, the following programs are offered.
HS Programs

Other Services

Some elementary schools offer other services, including:

Special Education — All MPS schools serve pupils with special needs; however, not all services are available at all schools. Because individual needs vary greatly, it is important that you work closely with your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) team and the principal/building administrator from the school you wish your child to attend when selecting schools.

High/Scope — An early childhood program stressing hands-on, activity based experiences for children. The MPS High/Scope program provides a full-time educational paraprofessional to assist children with academic and social growth. Parental involvement is encouraged and supported through fully funded field trips and other activities. Teachers and paraprofessionals are provided ongoing professional development in the High/Scope philosophy and curricular areas.

Head Start — A federally funded preschool program that prepares children for kindergarten. Children must be three or four on or before September 1. Income eligibility rules apply. Some Head Start programs team with childcare services and K4 programs to offer full-day programming. Transportation is not provided. Check the school listings to find out which offer Head Start. Call (414) 777-7850 for enrollment information.

First Nations Studies (formerly WE Indians) Assists American Indian/Alaskan/Hawaiian native pupils through academic reinforcement, counseling, cultural/ language instruction, and more. Selected services are available at schools with concentrations of American Indian students. Currently, services are provided at:


Lincoln Ave

Bay View

High School
Bay View
Spotted Eagle

Year-round Schools — Twenty schools offer year-round classes. They begin in early August and have the same number of school days as other schools, but have longer breaks in October, December and April and no school in July.
Alliance High School                        Carter
Congress K-8                                  D.I.A.L. High School
Hawthorne                                       Lloyd St. K-5
Metcalfe K-8                                   Milwaukee Education Center M.S.
Northern Star M.S.                          River Trail
Sixty-eighth St. Early Childhood       Silver Spring Elementary
Starms Discovery                             Starms Early Childhood
Starms Monumental                         Urban Waldorf K-8
Wheatley                                         Wings Academy
Wisconsin Conservatory                  WORK Institute H.S.

SAGE — Student Achievement Guarantee in Education provides funding to schools to lower the class size in K5–Grade 3 and provide other assistance. The target class size is 15. More than 80 elementary schools offer SAGE services.

Extended-day Activities — Many schools offer before- and after-school activities. These include Community Learning Centers (CLC) and day-care services. Ask your school for additional information, such as care during school