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   MPS School Climate Survey

  This survey is administered annually to MPS parents, staff and students in an effort to obtain information regarding the context for teaching and learning in the schools.

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MPS Instructional Practices Survey

Annually, MPS surveys its teachers regarding the instructional practices they utilize in their schools. The purpose of the survey is to provide schools with useful information that can support and guide school improvement efforts. In 2009-10, the Instructional Practices Survey was revised to align with the District's new walk-through tool (Learning @ Glance). Two of MPS' research partners, The Wisconsin Center for Educational Research (WCER) and Stanford University (LEADS Network) assisted in the revision and administration of the survey.

MS Word Documents Instructional Practices Survey Content Area and Grade Band (2010-11)
PDF Documents Instructional Practices Survey Analysis (2011-12)
PDF Documents Instructional Practices Survey Content Area (2011-12)

The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) is a voluntary and anonymous survey that focuses on health-risk behaviors that result in the highest rates of death, disability, and social problems during both adolescences and adulthood. These include: 1) behaviors that result in injuries, such as fights and carrying a weapon; 2) tobacco use; 3) alcohol and other drug use; 4) sexual behaviors that may result in AIDS or unintended pregnancies; 5) eating habits; and 6) physical activity. Results from the survey are used to plan risk reduction efforts.

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New Educator Seminars
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Leadership Institute Survey
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Ropes & Challenges Program
If you are a participant in the Ropes & Challenges Program, please provide your feedback.
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