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Conducting Research in MPS
Any individual or any organization interested in conducting a research study in MPS or receiving data from MPS must apply to conduct research prior to beginning data collection. Examples of research include, but are not limited to:
  • Personal research study,
  • Surveys of parents, students, and staff,
  • Program evaluation,
  • Studies/research mandated by the government, and
  • Research conducted for degree/course requirement (including action research projects).

    All applications are reviewed by a committee, which determines whether or not the research can be conducted in the district.

    The application manuals for both internal and external researchers (posted below) were designed to assist researchers through the MPS research application process. The documents outline application requirements and provide important information that all researchers need to know prior to submitting an application.

    Due dates and review dates for applications are available in the application manual or in "New Review Dates for Applications". Applications are now accepted monthly, with internal and external applications rotating months.

    Please contact Kristin Kappelman at (414) 475-8225 or kappelkj@milwaukee.k12.wi.us with any questions.