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The MPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan

The MPS Comprehensive Literacy Plan (CLP) was designed to be a plan of action to increase Pre-K-Grade 12 Reading and English Language Arts achievement. The implementation of the CLP will guide the development of consistent quality literacy instruction, assessment and professional development across the district. Many stakeholders participated in the development of the CLP including school and cross-division district level staff as well as community and university partners.

To provide clarity regarding what constitutes effective literacy instruction, the CLP identifies what is recommended in daily practice for reading and writing instruction at each grade level. The plan employs explicit, intentional and differentiated instruction centered on the needs of all students. Its main purpose is to address rigor in curriculum content and provide a framework through which the content is delivered. The CLP is an articulation of detailed practices that must be implemented by grade level and in classrooms across the district.

The CLP is designed to support the developmental nature of literacy. In the 21st Century, literacy will be viewed as the ability of individuals to communicate effectively for the real world. To prepare students this must involve teaching the abilities to listen, read, write, speak and view things with thinking being an integral part of each of these processes. Lesson structure is a main element of the CLP, with the literacy block divided into three distinct parts. Lessons begin with whole group instruction designed to introduce grade-level skills and concepts to all students. Instruction then moves to differentiated small groups configured to provide students with meaningful learning experiences designed to meet specific learning needs. Finally, all students reconnect during whole group instruction to conclude the reading or writing portion of the literacy block.

MPS educators are expected to utilize the CLP for purposes of planning, discussing, and informing when working individually and with colleagues, families, and the community. MPS educators will have ongoing professional development focused on the key components of the plan through district sessions and job-embedded, school-based opportunities. MPS will also provide literacy sessions and supports for families that are aligned, targeted and focused. In addition, MPS has numerous community connections and partnerships which will provide additional resources.

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