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MPS Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The safety of all students, teachers and staff in all schools and at all school activities is of utmost importance to the district. The cooperation of parents and students is needed in knowing and following district and school policies and procedures. Although safety precautions may at times appear extensive, we would rather make an error on the side of caution than overlook a situation that may lead to the injury of a member of our school community.

The health of students is of equal importance to the district. The district's Comprehensive School Health Education program teaches children healthy habits and lifestyles to ensure that MPS students develop into academically sound, physically healthy adults. Meals provided through MPS are carefully planned to guarantee a balanced and nutritious diet.

The involvement, understanding and cooperation of all MPS students and parents is crucial to maintaining a safe and healthy educational environment. To voice concerns or for more information, please contact your child's school, the Division of School Safety & Security at (414) 345-6338 or the Division of Health and Wellness at (414) 475-8860.

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