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Parent Dispute Resolution System (PDRS)

Milwaukee Public Schools wants to help parents and families find solutions when there is a problem or disagreement about special education. We call this process "Dispute Resolution". By working in partnership with your child's school, parents and school staff can quickly find solutions. All MPS personnel working on your complaint are required to keep the information confidential.

Contacting PDRS
Telephone:  (414) 475-8139
Email: pdrs@milwaukee.k12.wi.us

Milwaukee Public Schools wants you to contact the Parent Dispute Resolution System if you have questions or comments concerning this service. You can click on the PDRS email link to send PDRS your question or comment. The staff will respond quickly to your question and provide you with assistance. You may also call the phone number below and one of the PDRS staff will speak to you directly or return your call as quickly as possible. PDRS Steps

A brochure in either English or Spanish this process is available from your child’s school or from the Parent Information Center or from this area of MPS Parent information online.




Where Should I Start My Complaint? Contact the school Principal. You may make a verbal or written complaint. The school will log the complaint and give you a copy for your records. An attempt will be made to resolve the complaint within five days. If the Principal cannot resolve the complaint within five days, a request for assistance will be made to the Special Education Leadership Liaison.
What If I Am Not Comfortable Taking My Complaint To The School? You can always visit or call the Parent Information Center at 475-8467 or visit the Parent Information Center at MPS Central Services, Room 138, 5225 West Vliet Street. Staff will talk with you about your complaint. They can help you file your complaint right then if you want them to. They may also help you contact the Special Education Leadership Liason for your school. The Parent Information Center can enter your complaint on the PDRS. Once your complaint is entered into the PDRS, it will be sent immediately to the Principal at your school. If the Parent Information Center staff person refers you to someone else, they will write down who it was given to and how to contact them.
What Will The Special Education Leadership Liaison Do? The Special Education Leadership Liaison has no more than five school days to either fix the problem or explain to you why the complaint is without merit or basis. You will be informed about the resolution of the problem or why there appears to be no basis to your complaint. You will receive a written determination, if there seems to be no basis.
What Other Resources Are Available To Help Me Resolve My Dispute? Contact the Parent Information Center 475-8467 Staff from this office will be available to help you follow-up on your complaint. Assistance is also available from this office to help you prepare for and attend IEP team meetings.
What If I Am Not Satisfied with the Resolution of My Complaint by the School or by the Special Education Leadership Liaison? You can contact the Special Education Ombudsman: Lynne Sobczak. Call 475-8284 The Special Education Ombudsman has been authorized by the Board to have all necessary authority to ensure that the District is diligently fulfilling the Board's obligation to provide FAPE and meeting the Board's goal of providing the best services feasible as are consistent with its mission
What Are My Other Options? This is a new process for special education. It is in addition to all the other options you have as a parent. Your IEP team can advise you about all of the following procedural safeguard options.

Advocate The opportunity to receive the assistance of an Advocate to help you understand your rights and to help you express your point of view. A list of current advocacy resources is available from your child's school.

IDEA Complaint The right to file an official IDEA complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. An IDEA complaint must be in writing and sent to: DPI, Special Education Team P.O. Box 7841 Madison, WI 53707-7841 (800) 441-4563

Mediation The right to use the Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System. Mediation is a voluntary process that allows parents and the school to informally work out differences that they have about a child's special education needs with the help of a neutral third person, a mediator. Call (414) 288-1425

Due Process Hearing The right to use a legal process to have a hearing officer evaluate the situation. You can find out about filing due process by calling one of the advocacy groups listed on a brochure available from your school or calling or writing to DPI at: DPI, Special Education Team P.O. Box 7841 Madison, WI 53707-7841 (800) 441-4563

Independent Educational Evaluation The right to get a second opinion if you don't agree with the evaluation conducted by your child's school. To learn more about how to request this, talk to your child's IEP team.