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Nutrition Services
Use of Kitchen Facilities

A. The following procedures are to be used when kitchen facilities are needed for special functions.
  1. Principals must notify the food service manager/food service assistant in charge who will then contact the School Nutrition Services when kitchen facilities are required for a special function.

  2. Food Served at special functions may not be prepared on-site.

  3. School Nutrition Services personnel must be on duty when kitchen facilities are used.

  4. The primary role of School Nutrition Services’ personnel hired for specialfunctions is supervisory.

  5. Only School Nutrition Services’ personnel are permitted to use kitchen equipment. Food and supplies (example: napkins, straws, paper plates) are to be provided by the sponsoring organization.

  6. Since refrigerator and freezer space is limited, other arrangements must be made to store refrigerated or frozen foods served at special functions. Exceptions should be discussed with Nutrition Services Supervisor.

  7. Prepared foods may not be brought into the kitchen before the completion of the work day of the kitchen staff.

  8. All leftover food must be removed at the conclusion of the special function.

  9. Equipment must be cleaned and returned to original location immediately after use; facilities must be left as they were found.

  10. Wages for School Nutrition Services personnel working at a special function must be covered by the sponsoring organization.

  11. Food purchased for special functions from current Milwaukee Public Schools’ vendors (example: milk) must be ordered on a separate invoice.

B. The following procedures are applicable for parent meetings only:
Per Rules of the Board of School Directors, Article IX, Section 9.02 3(d), p. 109:

“Cafeterias and cafeteria equipment may be used for serving light refreshments in connection with parent-teacher association or parent club meeting if requested by the principal.” (Coffee, beverage, donuts, cookies, coffee cakes, etc.)
  1. Principals or the principal’s designee assume the responsibility for entry to the kitchen as necessary for items such as water to prepare beverages, etc. Food Service manager of food service assistant in charge should be notified prior to the meeting.

    ** It would be helpful if the parent meeting calendar could be made available to the food service manager or food service assistant in charge.

  2. Parents groups are responsible for any loss or damage to equipment and/or supplies.

  3. Coffee grounds are to be put into a disposable container and placed close to the trash container.

  4. Facilities are to be cleaned immediately after use. Arrangements can be made with the food service manager or food service assistant in charge to have available a container, cloth, and detergent for cleaning purposes.

  5. Parent group are not required to hire School Nutrition Services personnel for this activity.