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FY11 School Budget Adjustments

The March 19, 2010 "Employee Benefit Rate Change for FY11 Budgets" e-mail included details relative to the employee benefit rate reduction from 77% to 74.2% for FY11.  A customized worksheet for your school has been posted on the Portal.  The spreadsheet will allow you to indicate in which accounts the funds should be placed for FY11.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Access your school's customized worksheet via the following path:  MPS Portal (do not log in) > Budget & Finance > FY11 School Budget Adjustments.  Select your school's level folder in the FY11 School Budget Adjustment Worksheet Portlet (Charter Schools, Elementary Schools, K-8 Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools).  Download (save) your school's worksheet to your computer or a memory stick.  Schools with multiple levels (e.g., A4, ML, MS, MU, RK, WC) will need to download (save) the appropriate worksheet for each level.  Insert your school's two-digit IFAS location code at the beginning of the document name before saving your worksheet (e.g., Auer Avenue K-8 School will insert AU at the beginning of the document name for the Auer Avenue worksheet).
  2. Select your school name from the drop-down menu in the yellow-shaded box at the top of the worksheet.
  3. Page one of your worksheet contains your Board Allocation worksheet.  Subsequent pages contain worksheets appropriate for your school including Title I School Wide and High School Supplement.  SAGE/SAGE supplement allocation adjustments will only appear for the following locations 68, AA, AL, CM, FV, GL, SI, WM.
  4. Only enter information in boxes.  Function, Grade Level, Cost (I, S, or A), Object, and Job Code entries can be determined by referring to your current proposed FY11 budget.
  5. Balance your entries to the amount available (allocation).  The "Variance" cell at the bottom of each page must be zero .  If negative, reduce the amount budgeted for changes.
  6. The Board allocation High Scope adjustment will be entered directly by the Budget Office in the High Scope supplies IFAS FY11 budget line for High Scope schools.  The Title I Parent Involvement allocation adjustment will be entered directly by the Budget Office in the Title I Parent Involvement supplies IFAS FY11 budget line for schools that budgeted funds in line items subject to the employee benefit rate change.
  7. Your completed worksheet is due electronically to the Budget Office by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 25.  Attach your completed worksheet to an e-mail to "budget" (no quotation marks).  Include your two-digit IFAS location code in the title of the attachment (see #1 above).
  8. Contact your budget representative, if you have questions.
  9. Human Resources will provide instructions for reporting certificated and classified staffing changes.  If you choose to use your funds to reinstate or add positions, please be sure to follow those instructions.

Following a review of the completed worksheets, the Budget Office will adjust your IFAS budget, the School Performance Measure Report, and the School Change Report based on your budget plan for the additional funds

The Budget Office


FY11 March Adjustment  
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