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Budget Preparation

School Budget Preparation Tool Kit - 2015

All schools must complete their school budget and submit all required forms to the Office of Finance no later than 5:00 pm on March 5, 2014.

Non-Instrumentality Charter (NIC) Schools  (Document Below)
On this page, locate and use the "Non-Instrumentality Charter (NIC) Schools" box for NIC budget instructions and forms.

Traditional & Instrumentality Charter Schools  (Document Below)
Required budget forms, budget instructions, allocation information and related school budget material is organized into four sections on the right side of this page and described below.

Budget Preparation Instructions  (Document Below)
Documents in this portlet contain instructions and key steps schools must follow to complete and submit budget materials. Read the document "Guide to 2015 School Budget Preparation Materials" first for descriptions of all forms and budget documents. Includes the IFAS budget preparation drop-in schedule for school leaders.

Budget Preparation - Required Forms  (Document Below)
All completed forms, with the exception of the School Governance Signature Page are due in the budget office on same date as school budgets. The "School Governance Signature Page" is due in the Budget Office by March 17, 2014 after the district budget review process has been completed. See portlet for further detail.

Budget Preparation - Allocations/Data  (Document Below)
Contains all school allocations including allocations for the school operations budget and all in-school grant-funded budgets. Includes staffing detail for all centralized site allocations.

Budget Preparation - Budget Reference  (Document Below)
This portlet contains a number of documents schools may find helpful in understanding and/or creating school budgets. The Portlet also contains a tool for Traditional and Instrumentality Charter school communities to use for budget modeling purposes as well as instructions for entering and editing school budgets on the district's on-line financial system (IFAS).
Budget Preparation Documents  
Document Folders Allocations-Data
Document Folders Instructional Materials
Document Folders Non-Instrumentality
Document Folders Proposed Budget
Document Folders Reference
Document Folders Required Forms
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